Window Dressings
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Window Dressings

We provide a fully comprehensive range of versatile bedroom solutions, allowing you to create and maximise your space beautifully. All of our furniture is made in-house by our own craftsmen using only the finest materials and with the pride and attention to detail that we have come to regard as standard.


Classic – Our wardrobe collection gives the frontal appearance of a traditionally constructed door, yet maintains the flexibility afforded by modern manufacturing methods. A combination of modern materials and techniques coupled with hand assembly and finishing come together to create a truly stunning period style bedroom door.


When it comes to modern and contemporary bedrooms, the design alternatives are endless. Our contemporary wardrobes are built with only you in mind. We design, build and install to your requirements to create a truly stunning modern bedroom.


Loft rooms can be tricky to furnish due to sloping eaves and low ceilings, so consider having bespoke storage built to fit the space. This will make the most of the space you have and allow you to get the exact storage you need.